Friday, November 30, 2012

How did people over the world become crazy about "Gangnam Style"

None of Korean people could imagine that PSY’s “Gangnam Style” surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” as the most viewed video on YouTube. When released, the song was just one of his many songs which were popular only in Korea. Also, he did not try to promote the song overseas. But now, unlike other his songs, many people over the world listen to the song and imitate his dance. What happened to him and his song?

The style of the song is similar to those of other his songs. His music dances us off our feet and moves us to enthusiasm. PSY is totally different from standard K-pop idols which are young and good-looking and sing melodious R&B and romantic ballads. He focuses on giving us great pleasure by singing songs and is not obsessed about looking pretty.

So, how could only “Gangnam Style” go beyond Korea? It is the power of YouTube to make him become a world-famous singer. His music video was released on YouTube at no extra cost and could be watched by people over the world, which led to popularity throughout the world although he did not try to tap into overseas markets. Therefore, his popularity shows that Youtube, a kind of social media, provides opportunities for people to communicate with each other, regardless of time, place and cost. Also, you can know and that social media have a strong influence on sharing information and forming a popular culture on a global scale.

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