Thursday, September 6, 2012

#ElectionClass review

The first joint #electionclass brought us lots of new insights on puppies, owls, roaring lions and a whirlwind of tweets.

I would like to encourage you to use the insights you have gained - either from our first guest speaker or from your experience participating in creating a nationally trending topic on Twitter - and write up short blog posts.

Twitter's SF office also mentioned the class in one of their updates:

Twitter in the City tweeting about #electionclass

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  1. I enjoyed our discussion last week with the CMF representative. I was slightly disappointed that so much of his presentation focused on research methods (especially with only an hour to discuss social media innovation in Congress). I did value his argument that social media has been implemented at an incredibly fast rate--compared to other technological innovations in Congress. I also liked the attention to constituent response through social media. So much of the writing I have read on social media focuses on more effective campaigning and too often misses the important implications social media has for improving democracy and strengthening representation.