Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Waiting for Secretary of State Clinton and her speech

The endless line surprised me enough when I got to the Quad. The weather was not so good to stay in the line waiting for Secretary Clinton and her speech. After one and half hours of waiting, I saw the door's closing outside at 11:20. I saw many who weren't allowed to get into there were a bit frustrated. However, her speech which I saw on the net was wonderful and impressive enough for me to soothe my disappointment. 
What especially impressed me among her speech were her balanced insight on various global issues and her attitude toward those issues. She definitely has the skills to impress people through her speech. And I was very relieved to know that one of the most promising American politicians has such sound and well-balanced ideas on very difficult global issues, such as climate changes, human rights, spreading democracy, deficit problems and so on. Also, she was not reluctant to confess that America makes mistakes, and to say that Americans must ask themselves what they can do better and how they should behave. So beautiful speech. I think she also talked briefly about the importance and power of media(I believe she mentioned blog and Twitter) and suggested that we should take part in the flow of the moment(or information? I'm not so sure). 
That she recommended the student try to serve in the field of public service also makes me like her speech even better. :) 
The last part of the speech gave me something I want to keep in mind. She suggested that we be evidence-based(or reality based) people. It sounds like common sense,  but then we all know it's a kind of characteristic that hard to keep holding.  
After all, it was a pleasing experience to have a chance to see her ideas and was quite refreshing while feeling some pressure on the burden of schoolworks as the end of the semester's coming. 

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