Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Say goodbye to Professor Mergel and all the classmates in Government 2.0

Posted on behalf of Lily:

How time flies, I have to say goodbye to Professor Mergel and all the classmates in the course of Government 2.0 because I have finished my project here and have begun to teach on May. Thank you for professor’s brilliant teaching, you made me more interested in social media in public sectors. Thank you for all the classmates’ wonderful discussion in the course. I am glad to be here with you. Thank you for all the guest in our course of government 2.0, thanks for sharing your insight and let me know more social media in US. I really appreciate for all of you. It is really very helpful to attend in this government 2.0 class. Good luck with everyone.


  1. Lily - it was a pleasure meeting you and learning about some of the social media implemetations and issues in China. I wish you the best in your teaching assignments.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Emily Garrett

  2. It was nice getting to know you in class. Wish you the best and hope to see you later!