Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the impact of SNS on the general election in Korea

Today, a general election is going to be held in Korea, and I found an interesting news article in regard to the election and the impact of SNS on it, which is closely related to the topics we have discussed in class. The title of article is "85% of the Korean population believes that the SNS affects their choice among candidates." What's more interesting to me is the subtitle, however. It is "Only 14.1% of the population trusts the information provided by the SNS." First of all, I'd say it is not surprising to hear that SNS has such an impact on the election since we already saw it in the last presidential election in the U.S. The concrete number shown in the article just got me surprised a little bit. I thought it would also be interesting to compare the numbers in the result of the survey mentioned above with that of the U.S. if it is conducted during the U.S. presidential election in this year. Considering professor pointed out not only in her article but also in class that the data accuracy would be one of the challenges of the SNS,  the second part, that the level of trust in the information provided by SNS is very low, is also not supposed to be the kind of thing that get us surprised at all. Then, we may find a very important point here, I think, that in order to increase the trustworthiness of the SNS as well as to let it contribute to making a positive difference in society, we should try to find the way to enhance the accuracy of data in the SNS. Severe punishment for distributing false information on the SNS may be one of the solutions  from the perspective of a police officer(me). For those who are interested, the full text of the news article, although it is written in Korean, is here.

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