Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casual retweeting may harm your career

During the general election period in Korea, an interesting event occurred in Korea. A mid-level police officer who worked in the Seoul metropolitan police department was kicked out of his job due to his careless, rather casual retweet in the official tweeter account of the police department. He was forced to get out of his job because he did retweet a tweeter user's opinion that included some political point of view. Although he did it by mistake and removed it in hours, the agency decided to get him out of his job and publicized an official apology for the careless retweet.
This accident reminds me of a few things that may be worth to be considered. First, one must be very careful when he/she uses a SNS, especially tweeter, otherwise it may seriously harm your career. Second, the SNS's power may double up when it is combined with the power of media. Actually, this retweet thing might never have attracted public attention if it hadn't been gotten in the news through the media. In other words, he might not be kicked out of his job if it were not for the media. Third, the security issue seems much more important for a user to operate a SNS based on web 2.0 than to do a website based on web 1.0 technology. By the way, is SNS websites a place where no mistake is accepted?
The following website link shows Korean Policy Agency's official apology for the retweet incident. The website is the agency's official blog page.

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