Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Class 11: Open Innovation in the Public Sector - Guest speaker Dustin Haisler, Spigit

Next week, Dustin Haisler will join us for a conversation on Open Innovation in the Public Sector. Dustin is the Director of Government Innovation, Spigit.com.

Please prepare the assigned readings and take a look at coverage about Dustin's work when he was the city manager in Manor, TX, covered in the Statesman.com, Government Technology magazine, and FastCompany.

Follow Dustin on Twitter: @dustinhaisler

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  1. When government agencies design a platform for crowdsourcing solutions, what aspects should be considered to encourage active involvement of citizens and to manage citizens' ideas and solutions effectively?
    When the government presents a problem statement in open innovation platform to receive inputs from citizens, to what extent the government should provide background information about the issues for citizens, such as a major cause of the problem and limits in government to solve it?