Sunday, February 26, 2012

What next for web 2.0 ?

After Blogs,RSS feeds,Facebook,Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn etc comes Pinterest , a site that revolves around pictures. Perhaps because "A picture is worth a thousand words" . Pinterest is a site that lets you bookmark pictures/ videos on the internet that you find interesting and wish to share it with others . But wait can't i post links on facebook or twitter , you ask ? The answer is yes and no . Yes you can post links to other websites , No these links only post the images as thumbnails and not as the main content to be shared. Another difference between posting photos on Pinterest and Facebook is that facebook photos cannot be categorized and pinned to public boards that may be followed by people with similar interest but unknown to you. I think of Pinterest as Twitter with photos where i follow boards of my interest with pictures shared by people i may not know.

A year ago i was working on a web application that would allow staff (based in the field office of the non profit i worked for ) to share pictures and case description about the work they where doing with staff at the headquarters . These pictures and case description where later used to report back to the donors on how their donations where being used as well as the monitoring and evaluation team to track the progress of work. We spent quite a lot of time developing this system but now Pinterest can serve the function and i must say, serve it much better. We can now possibly use Pinterest to share pictures (with case stories on the organizations blog) not only with our own staff but also with donors and general public . I think government agencies can use pinterest or similar sites to promote/report the progress of work esp development work that can be better understood visually (eg. new buildings, bridges , repair work etc), the advantage is that they will get instant feedback from the citizens who follow the public boards.

One interesting fact about Pinterest is that there are more females members than males. What does this mean ? I don't know , but may be it can be used to share materials that may be of more interest to females . By that i don't mean decor or clothes n apparels but things that are beyond this. Let me think more on this and in the meantime if you have any answers please do comment.

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