Monday, February 6, 2012

Content Sharing

What is more social than content sharing? I still remember sitting on my mom’s bed, flipping through her old photo albums. I can remember watching my parents’ wedding videos, old family trips, and other family moments on VHS. I had a fantastic bulletin board in my bedroom where I would put my favorite clippings from newspapers and magazines, as well as ticket stubs, museum maps and other mementos.

What is so different about today’s technology? We are still sharing very similar kinds of content, but now there are a whole new host of tools to choose from. These new technologies allow for real-time content sharing that allow us to instantaneously connect with friends, family, and increasingly casual acquaintances.

While I used to look forward to Christmas each year to catch up with my cousins and see pictures of their travels, I now look no further than Facebook, FlickR and to keep up with their recent exploits. I look at videos on YouTube or shared through TwitPic to see my friends cooking or my niece taking her first steps. Pinterest and Lockerz provide an interactive space for me to collect and share projects, items, images and other content that I find interesting.

These are fantastic innovations in social media, which build upon the natural interests and activities of their target users. So explore, use, and share!!

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  1. Also, if any of you guys use Dropbox for remote working or sharing, they are releasing a beta version of their new app.

    It used to provide up to 2gb for free (larger capacities were available at a premium). In the new version, once you use your storage, your Dropbox capacity will increase in 500mb intervals up to 4.5gb. (free!)