Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don’t allow the Facebook and Twitter users to lead the society

Former President of Afghanistan and current Chairperson of the Peace Council Mr. Burahnudin Rabani warned the religious scholars, if you couldn’t play the leadership role in the society. The young Facebook and Twitter users will control the situation. Mr. Rabani had speech in Kabul and encouraged the religious leaders to take part in peace process with Taliaban and play the leadership role. Mr. Rabani in his speech said, if religious leaders not doing their responsibilities there is no doubt the young Facebook and Twitters users will lead the community and take the responsibility of development. Mr. Rabani point out on the recent changes in Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Iran and some other Medill East countries. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users around the world and recently playing the critical role in the social and political development. In many cases the media and public official unable to disseminate the reality of the society, but the Facebook and Twitter as important factors in informing people.
This is surprising news for me as student of Government 2.0 that the Facebook and Twitter revolution is going to be reached to my country’s doors. Currently we are suffering from corruption in the government and useless parliament. The rate of bribery is extremely high in the Judiciary power. The people will stand up against the government, and I hope the Facebook and Twitter will also play a key role in the political and social development of Afghanistan.

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