Monday, March 21, 2011

A Disconnected Social Network?

Immidiately after I went back to China, I can clearly feel that the disconnection from the outside world. Facebook is blocked here, Twitter is blocked, and Youtube is also blocked. Gmail is unstable. Wikipedia is available, but with all pictures filtered out. Even this class blog is unaccessible, being a victim of the block of "". 

Yes, there are local social media tools, such as Twitter-like Sina Microbloging, Facebook-like, Youtube-like, and Wikipeida-like Baidu Baike... A consequence is that we are cut from the outside social network in this globalizatized era by building more and more social media niches. "China local network" is coming true.

Disconnection is "safe"? I don't know. But the inconvenience is real. Everyone who was back to this country from overseas is facing two options: cutting all social ties forever, or becoming a "tech-savvy" to escape. Dear class, now you know my choice.

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  1. Great to hear from you, Li.
    keep it up,
    keep in touch,
    Pritam Singh