Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anti poverty program and it's applicability to developing countries

Recently, I had read an article in New York Times titled "To beat back poverty, pay the poor". This article is about "bolsa familia" (family grant) program in Brazil. This conditional cash transfer program has been.successful in raising income of poor by seven times in last six years and Brazil is able to reduce it's poverty from 22% to 7% because of this program. In this program direct cash is transferred to poor household provided the conditions of sending children school, regular medical check up, attending the nutrition and disease prevention workshops are followed by members of family. In India, National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme can also be modified to incorporate success indredients from Brazil.

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  1. That seems to me a good strategy for addressing poverty. Education and prevention of diseases and proper nutrition of children are very important for securing future of the country and securing humanity. Same model can be implemented in Afghanistan as more than 70 % of people live in the rural area and have not access to their basic rights.