Thursday, January 27, 2011

Social Networking, a Powerful Device

This is the century of Information Technology. Last decade has seen unimaginable integration of electronic sciences - computing and telecommunication to be precise. Social networking has been one of the most powerful tools falling in the hands of the masses. It is proving to be of immense use in dispensing knowledge and sharing of news and views. One feels very empowered as a member of a social group. The voice of the common man is getting heard.
Something that started as a plaything among the teenagers has attracted serious attention of all organizations including traditional media. Even if as a compulsion, now, the Governments have started paying attention to what the people are blogging about.
But it is proving to be a double edged sword and any careless handling of this by the concerned can be of serious repercussions. Like the arms race, Governments may soon have to be one up in handling the huge volumes of blogging and social messaging. The States, be they Nations or only local Governments, will have to attend to this sea of information in a skilful way or they may soon find themselves in utter difficulties.
And if you still think I am kidding, google for "what happened in Tunisia" and see the results- what most people feel is that it was a twitter revolution. As if that was not enough- people keep guessing what is behind the events of Egypt.
That is why some Governments have, already, geared up to have this ammunition on their side instead of letting it fall in the hands of the adversaries.
Pritam Singh

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